Dominican Republic, 2015

Stillpoints' Bruce Jacobs (center rear) travels to the Dominican Republic to support our local distributor, Nelson Gomez (far right) of Audio Nirvana. Bob Hodas* (front left) also made the trip. Bob's expertise was invaluable in creating a proper listening environment that unleashed the fine qualities of the system. Sr. RaFael Aguayo (center front) is a very happy customer! Sr. Aguayo inspired the Low Profile ESS rack.

Since 1993 Bob Hodas ( has traveled the world tuning well over 1000 rooms. His clients include studio owners, producers, engineers, and discriminating home listeners.

Sixteen Stillpoints Apertures were deployed through the room analysis conducted by Bob Hodas. Loudspeakers sit upon Ultra 5's. Ultra 6's are extensively used throughout the rest of the system.

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