Newport Beach, 2015: Behind the Scenes

Stillpoints from THE SHOW Newport Beach, 2015... Room 1001

THE SHOW - Newport Beach 2015 Stillpoints / eXemplar Audio demonstration room 1001. Stillpoints proudly demonstrated the performance of the Ultra Mini's under the components on a Quadraspire rack and also the effectiveness of their Aperture room treatment. At the end of the demo the big surprise was seeing the 6.5" full range driver in the speaker cabinets ( XL - 1 Bookshelf Speaker $3995.00/pr) that provided the huge sound stage and the ability to hear exactly what the other products did for the overall sound of the system.

Other eXemplar products in the system:
Exception Integrated - $5,495.00
Exemplar T105 - $5,049.00
XL-I Bookshelf Speakers - $3,995.00
Exception RCA ICs - $349.00
Exception Speaker Cables - $399.00
Exception Power Cords - $249.00

The Sound Anchor speaker stands used here retail for $750.00/ pr Then add the OEM version of the Ultra SS. Six Stillpoints Apertures were used in the demonstration. Two on the rear wall behind the loudspeakers and two on each of the side walls.


Bruce Jacobs of Stillpoints, above.

Bruce Jacobs of Stillpoints and John Tucker of eXemplar Audio

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